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Serum Germs Inhibition-----Enemy of serum germs
Hunan Liuyang Sanli Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture base of vacuum blood collection tubes and blood collection needles. For a long time, many manufacturers of blood collection tube always face that germ growing in blood collection tube results in blood sample to be destroyed, which seriously affect the testing result of blood sample. According to this problem, our company has made clinical repeated tests and experiments for many years through joining hands with technical specialist from Korea and successfully developed serum germs inhibition for blood collection tubes. This product is a medical material and intermediate. It is used for preservative of serum antibody and biological products, and has efficiency performance such as forced bacteriostasis, sterilization, anticorrosion and fresh keeping. The difference between serum germs inhibition and other sterilization product is that only 2g need to be added for 10000ml solution, and it won’t destroy blood sample and affect clinical inspection result. This product resolves the worries of numerous manufacturers of blood collection tube, which is worth promoting as serum sterilization new product.
Using method:
1.         Dilute the additive which would be filled in blood collection tubes in proportion according to needs of blood collection;
2.       Add Serum Germs Inhibition in the above prepared solution and mix, and then spray in blood collection tube.
The mix proportion: 10000ml prepared solution mix with 2g serum germs inhibition
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