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Blood Collection Tubes for Single Use
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        It is used for collection of venous blood specimen, and it is devided into  whole blood tube, plasma tube  ,  serum  tube  and   Micro Blood Collection Tube.


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whole blood tube                                       Plasma Tube      

1.1  ESR Tube                                                 2.1  Lithium Heparin with Gel Tube                        2.4  Glucose Tube 

1.2  EDTA K3 Tube                                         2.2  Coagulation Tube with Sandwich Material    2.5  Lithium Heparin Tube

1.3  EDTA K2 Tube                                         2.3  Coagulation Tube                                               2.6  Sodium Heparin Tube


Serum Tube                                   Micro Blood Collection Tube

3.1  EPGT Tube                                               4.1  Micro Blood Collection Tube: Sodium Heparin

3.2  SSGT Tube                                               4.2  Micro Blood Collection Tube:Plain Tube

3.3  Thrombin Tube                                        4.3  Micro Blood Collection Tube:K2EDTA Tube

3.4  Plain Tube with Clot Activator                4.4  Micro Blood Collection Tube:Clot Activator with Gel Tube (SSGT)

3.5  Plain Tube without Additive

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