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Assembly Machine for Vacuum Blood Collection Tube
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Application :

This assembly machine consists of  automatic machine for combining the out plastic cap wih the inner rubber plug, automatic labeling machine and automatic assembling machine.It can load tubes and spray additives automatically.Additive volume can be controlled freely and the additives can be sprayed on the tube wall evenly. The airdry system is fully able to ensure that products dry quickly in a short time. It can finish the procedure of gel adding at a time and there is no need to heat and centrifuge. It can also finish the procedures of capping, electronic sterilizing, vacuuming, controlling vacuum volume freely and installing foam base in the assembly .

Production Speed 100PCS/20~25 Seconds
Intended Operators 5~6 persons/Per Production Line
Power  Consumption   6 Kilowatts
Machine Size L 4800CM×W 230CM ×H 140CM
Gross Weight 2500KGS around
Functions Load the tube automatically;
Spray additive   Control additive volume freely;
Set vacuum;
Stick label;
Sterilize in the process of production;
 Advantage Sterilization devices installed in the production line


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